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Addison County Catholic Youth Ministry & Family Faith Formation

Our mission is to create a community to support the growth and education of our next generation of Catholics through fellowship, study, service, and activities.

Serving the youth and families of parishes of St. Peter’s (Vergennes) and St. Ambrose (Bristol).

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Phone: 802-468-7277

Email: emma@accym.com

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St. Peter's Parish   St. Ambrose Parish

Meet Emma, our Youth Minister and Family Faith Formation Director.

Emma graduated from Saint Michael’s College in 2016 with a degree in Religious Studies and minors in Education and Psychology. She grew up in Connecticut with a big family, which is where her love of children came from. Emma got married in November, 2017. Her favorite color is red and she loves drinking tea.

Emma’s goal as our youth minister and family faith formation director is to give the parishioners, especially the youth, the opportunity to grow in their faith through asking questions, serving others, and building relationships.