St. Ambrose & St. Peter’s Book Club


Do you love reading? Do you often wish you had someone to discuss your latest book with? Do you want to read more books to grow on your spiritual journey?

We havea book club to grow on our spiritual journey as Catholic adults and we would love to have you join us!

We are open to all selections of books (though we want them to help us to be the best version of ourselves, therefore we will start with faith based books)

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Current Book we are reading:

Joan of Arc by Mark Twain

LH_BK_JA25.pngRead Book One: Chapters 1-6 by May 3
Read Book Two: Chapters 1-6 by May 10
Read Book Two: Chapters 7-12 by May 17
Read Book Two: Chapters 13-18 by May 24
Read Book Two: Chapters 19-25 by May 31
Read Book Two: Chapters 26-33 by June 7
Read Book Three: Chapters 1-6 by  June 14
Read Book Three: Chapters 7-12 by June 21
Read Book Three: Chapters 13-18 by June 28
Read Book Three: Chapters 19-24 and conclusion by July 5

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Please contact Emma to get a copy of the book! We have extras


Books we have read in the past:















Our Reviews:

“I loved it. It was like a really easy to understand book on apologetics. I liked that it made me think in ways that I hadn’t before.”




Our Reviews:

“I was thinking I wouldn’t like this book (it was my last choice of all the suggested books).  It wasn’t the most inspiring book I’ve read, but I did gain some insight while reading it.  I was specifically wondering if it would apply to me since a lot of the book dealt with Marriage and Children (I have neither).  I discovered that many of the suggestions by the author could be applied to all relationships, esp if we recognize what she suggested and I’ve know for a LONG time:  that is God comes first.
My only criticism was her willingness to take on the roll of servant in what appeared to me to be in excess.  While I truly believe we are called to serve and help each other on this journey, if we take on too much of the other person’s responsibilities, we deny them the chance to improve themselves/balance.  We also risk putting them in a position to take advantage of us.  In other words, I found her relationship boundaries to be almost non-existent.”

“I found this book to be extremely helpful with reminding me where I should have my priorities. Every though I’m not yet married or have children, I think this read might prepare me better for the future to remember to have my priorities in the right order. I would recommend this if you want something easy to read and help you start to refocus on the important parts of life.”