Parents & Families

Our mission is to create a community for families of our parishes to feel connected and supported on their faith journey and raising children within the faith.

We host Family Fun Nights every few months to have an opportunity for food, games, and fellowship. Check our our upcoming events  for the next date.

“While all members of the family are called to live out the foundational Christian virtues, fathers and mothers have a special responsibility for fostering these virtues within their children. They are the first to proclaim the faith to their children. They are responsible for nurturing the vocation of each child, showing by example how to live the married live, and taking special care if a child might be called to priesthood or consecrated life.” -US Bishops


Being a Catholic parent can be challenging but with the support of our community we hope it can be extremely rewarding. We hope that with our ongoing events, religious education programs, and resources here you feel more confident in your role as a Catholic parent.

We appreciate your support of our programs as we support you in your roles as parents.

Resources for families:

Parent Formation Meetings
Our Faith Formation program has monthly meetings on different topics on our faith and creating our community.

Our parishes have a code that allows every one of our parishioners to access this resource of books, movies, audio, and programs. There are a multitude of films, audio files, and studies about topics on the faith. Please see the bulletin for the code or email Emma.

Lighthouse Catholic Media
We have kiosks with CDs, books, pamphlets, and booklets about ways to grow in your faith, to parent, and to share with your children. Please check out the kiosks in our parishes (they are located in the parish hall’s and the back of St. Peter’s church) and if you would like us to order specific resources from the Lighthouse Catholic Media website, please let us know.

Blessed is She
A resource for Catholic women to connect with other Catholic women around the world and locally.

Vermont Catholic

Stay up to date with what is happening in the diocese.

More coming soon…

Check out more resources on the Youth Page

There are more resources about being a Catholic teenager and product links to show off your faith.